I'm Kevin Fishel (the guy in the Haiti hat). I'm the face behind FishelPhoto.  That's my wife down there kneeling with me and we're surrounded by our 'Team Fishel'. People always ask, so since you might be wondering, none of the kids are from Haiti (just the hat is).  The kids are all Cincinnati originals.  I've gone to Haiti 4 or 5 times for a week at a time and have a love for the place which is why I have the hat.    

This quote comes from Dewitt Jones from an article in Outdoor Photographer, "God gave me photography so I could pray with my eyes".  My love for photography has helped me see the world around me in a much deeper way.  Whether it's a landscape, or a portrait, a photo makes you stop and interact with what you're seeing.  A video you can sit back and watch, but a photo you need to stop and experience. 

Thanks for stopping by and looking around.  I look forward to working with you to provide photos you'll want to 'stop and experience' for a lifetime.



"Photography is a lot like Grace, it can take the broken and make it beautiful"





Team Fishel