What a great day.  We stood at Mt Nebo where Moses looked into the promised land.  We could see the hills of Jerusalem.  Later we ate an amazing meal in an equally amazing looking restaurant.   

In fact, this day alone could fill a weeks worth of blog posts.  This one though jumps to the heart of why we're here.  The people we are meeting. We sat down in this families living room and shared some tea,  awesome homemade date cookies and some laughs.  I was humbled by the hospitality that they extended to us. 

Like any good mission trip it provides an excellent platform for some personal introspection.  My wines, and my issues seem so incredibly petty.  I think of the things that stress me out and how that in turn affects the people around me, and then I have a day like this, and feel the the welcome and share laughs with people who have life stress that far outweighs mine.  Perspective.